Resolve customer conflict in 5 clever steps:

1. Stop and listen.

It's easy to immediately jump into defense-mode when a customer is upset and questioning the value of your business. Regardless of whether or not there is truth to what your customer is saying, letting your client express his/her thoughts and opinions without interrupting them is often the best course of action.

2. Make eye contact.

Show you are present and truly listening to your customer by offering them your full, undivided attention. Put down your phone, headset and clipboard to demonstrate the respect and personal appreciation you have for your client.

3. Validate their concerns.

Make sure your clients feel heard by repeating their concerns back to them, acknowledging their position and your understanding. Verbalize how you can personally relate to how they are feeling, connect with them on the emotional level they are at.

4. Express remorse.

Clearly convey the remorse you feel for any inconvenience the customer experienced. Once you have apologized, the client will be more likely to forgive.

5. Offer a solution.

You want your customer to walk away feeling happier than when they came in. Even if your client’s experience had negative aspects, you can make sure the interaction ends on a positive note by providing multiple solutions and compensation to ensure your client’s takeaway is a pleasant one.