How can you increase your website’s conversion rate?

Conversion rates refer to the amount of people exposed to your website that complete the specific action you are asking of them. For example, CTA’s (call to action) such as filling out feedback forms or signing up for free trials.

1. Reduce the number of options.

For many people, more options mean more effort and time required. Keep your site attractive to your audience by simplifying the choices and offers you provide.

2. Use buttons instead of links.

Changing your links to buttons may seem like an insignificant adjustment at first. However, it is important to incorporate small, fun touches to your site that offer uniqueness and a memorable experience. Transforming long, wordy links into visually-pleasing, clickable buttons will clean up the look of your site while optimizing space on each page.

3. Make it mobile friendly.

The majority of internet time is spent on mobile devices, which means having a mobile-friendly website is absolutely essential in maintaining an easy-to-use brand identity. Try taking Google’s mobile friendly test here.