Creating a phenomenal customer experience in just 4 fantastic steps:

1. Define what you want your customers to experience.

Construct a clear, concise list of principles or statements that reflect your customer experience vision. Keep your list simple and easy for others to remember.

2. Train your employees accordingly.

Ask yourself if there is any employee training needed in order for your staff to facilitate these customer experiences with efficiency and consistency.

3. Understand who your customers are.

Understand who you are creating the experience for. Try segmenting your customers into 2-3 groups, each of which you would approach differently depending on the dominant traits of that group. For example, highly verbal customers are most likely to appreciate a friendly conversation, while a less talkative interaction might appeal to your more reserved clients.

4. Create an emotional connection.

Emotional = memorable. Ready to jump into a little lesson on human evolution? Over time, the human brain has evolved to recall negative experiences over the positive. In other words, the pessimistic caveman that remembers the dangers of Mr. Sabertooth tiger is going to live longer than the optimistic caveman that wants to cuddle with fanged super kitties. To bypass this natural human response, you will have to tap into your customers ‘emotional brain’ and give them something really special to remember. Be unique, be kind, be genuinely interested in each customer.