How To Get Consistent Results In Advertising & Grow Your Reputation

I do believe that "actual results may vary" is a valid disclaimer in advertising - or virtually any sales-based project.  

The key isn't in avoiding poor results but rather in managing expectations.  If you explain that advertising is an iterative process which tests all assumptions a person can make, then it will indeed take a few iterative cycles to dial in the ad/offer/outcome.  

Communication is key: 
  1. Set expectations appropriately
  2. Develop the first iteration and go live
  3. Measure the outcome
  4. Communicate results and readjust expectations for client
  5. repeat

Failure is really a just a matter of when you quit.  If Bill Gates quit Microsoft in 1982 then he might have been considered a failure.  If he quits in 2006 - he's arguably one of the most influential people in modern history. 

When in doubt, try something new and keep on keep'n on!

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