Do you want to become a better boss? Check out the following top five tips:

1. Be authentic.

Maintain your authority while connecting with your employees and coworkers in an honest, genuine way. If you’re human - you make mistakes, so don’t hesitate to admit when you’re wrong. Practicing accountability will solidify mutual respect and trust within your office community.

2. Let differences be assets.

Clearly convey the message that people’s uniqueness is often something to be celebrated, not tolerated. Leverage the contrast within your office, there is value in diversity.

3. Invite others to solve problems.

Just because you’re the boss, doesn’t mean you need to be in charge of fixing every complication that arises. Give your employees the opportunity to grow and feel like a valuable part of the team by encouraging them to solve problems in their own way.

4. Support having a life outside work.

Living a balanced lifestyle is absolutely essential in order to avoid burnout. Encourage your employees to live balanced lives and they will be more likely to perform at higher levels consistently.

5. Highlight the positive.

Keep your staff focused on the positive to help cultivate a welcoming work environment, which will directly translate into more productivity and efficiency throughout the office.