How can you be more efficient at work? Follow these easy tips:

1. Dream on

In order for your mind and body to function optimally, you need to have had at least 7-8 hours of restorative sleep. No amount of coffee can replace the healing and recharging process of sleep. Prioritize your ZZZ's and your performance during the day will reflect the healthy habits you’ve adopted. You may even feel so good when you wake up, you’ll want to give me a call and sing with me. You can sing for the years, sing for the laughter or maybe for the tears. All I can say is dream until your dreams come true.

2. Wake up early

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get out of bed early. Most mornings I wake up and go over my agenda for the day while still cuddled in my covers. Having some time to wake up gently helps set a stress-free tone for the day. Eliminate unnecessary stressors like rushing out the door with half your makeup on, hoping to finish it sloppily at the red lights along your commute to work. Live the life of a champion and spend your time at stop lights jamming out to Queen. After all we are the champions, my friends.

3. Important tasks first

Dedicate yourself to a few manageable tasks each day and you’ll most likely notice your objectives are completed with higher levels of quality, better reflecting your true skill and potential. Before you know it, one task will be gone, and another one gone, and another one gone until your To-Do list bites the dust!

4. Take it easy

Being efficient is all about being realistic. The human brain simply cannot stay 100% focused on a single thing for indefinite amounts of time. Instead of cramming your day with task after task, schedule in a few blocks of time to allow your mind to relax and wander. Incorporating numerous breaks throughout the day will boost your creativity and overall performance. So take it easy, take it easy, and be sure not to let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy.

5. Track your progress

Even if it’s a small accomplishment, recognize it! Just finished writing an important email? Do a little dance, make a little love, basically get down tonight and fill that empty task box with a check mark!