Five ways my business can benefit from writing an e-book:

1. Increase credibility.

Establish yourself as an authoritative figure by providing a well-written piece of educational and valuable material. This will help build your reputation as a credible source and brand.

2. Expand your e-mail list.

Increasing your e-mail subscriber list is an important part of improving your online marketing efforts. Consider offering your E-book material at a discounted price to act as an incentive for subscribing to your mailing list.

3. Increased income.

Sell your E-book content to tap into another source of income. Note, people are more likely to purchase content in the form of an E-book rather than in a seminar or online class format.

4. Reuse content.

Gather some of your accumulated content such as interviews, articles and social media posts to integrate into your E-book. Reusing and selling valuable content is a great way to get the most out of the time and energy you put into creating the material in the first place.

5. Attract attention.

Announcing a new product on the market will help create a buzz around your company, increasing brand awareness and overall traffic.