3 Keys To Get Your First Clients

  1. Professional Patience
  2. Professional Communication
  3. Professional Persistence

Do you have any "wins"?  Meaning do you have demonstrable proof of your ability? 

If YES then wait for the appropriate time to share it with the prospect.  As a business owner, sales calls never stop.  What makes the difference?  What causes a business owner to stop and listen? Professional Patience, Professional Communication, and Professional Persistence.  Business owners are getting pummeled with email, sms, posts, tags especially this time of year.  Since the owner communicated they are opening a new location, they are likely overwhelmed busy.  So the question might be, "How can their life be simplified?"

If NO then you might want to offer them a no-charge deal to get some demonstrable proof for your next client(s).  This could mean you do all the work for free - let them pay for the ads.  This can also be something as simple as putting together a detailed proposal clearly defining what will be done and what to expect. 

Remember, if a person has never purchased a product or service before, it could be challenging for them to visualize it in their life/future.  If they have purchased before, but from someone else, they might not easily picture you as their vendor.

Get really in touch with the client's needs before making recommendations.  Not all forms of promotion are appropriately valuable across varying industries and markets.  

If you're not spending at least 30 minutes every day (7 days a week) prospecting, it's going to take a long, long time to build your book.  Think of cold-calling 10 people every day and sending 10 cold emails.  Make this a habit. This habit will transform your future and allow you to transform the future of your clients.

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